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thinBasic MVPs
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I was thinking it would be good to be able to change the Function that is called during execution.

I cant do that without scrapping it and setting it up again from scratch :(


Mike C
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18-10-2010 09:41
Super Moderator
Thanks Mike,

I will have a look at it.


18-10-2010 10:15
Super Moderator
Is the following syntax ok for you?:
TBGL_ChangePeriodicFunction( hWnd, FunctionName )
I know the hWnd parameter might seem irrelevant for the moment, but what if TBGL will support multiple windows in the future ;)


18-10-2010 10:26
thinBasic MVPs
Thats sounds good to me.

One suggestion which could chaos is to change the function names to all start with Periodic


This would group all commands together making it easier to find all related commands.


oops spelling error function without the first "n" becomes quite rude :D

18-10-2010 10:40
Super Moderator
That sounds good, and the latest TBGL commands follow this pattern (TBGL_Entity...).

I think I have used the old syntax in some tutorials already, but nothing is simpler than adding alias inside module definition. I will do that.
The syntax TBGL_Periodic... will be better for case once thinAir will have code completion, it will quickly filter out the rest.

I will update the docs and upload new DLL for testing in few minutes.


18-10-2010 11:44
Super Moderator
Hi Mike,

here you can get it implemented and documented. Let me know in case of any problems:
thinBasic TBGL update 2010 10 18 B(fixed)


18-10-2010 12:39
Super Moderator

there is a bug, I will reupload in a moment.


18-10-2010 12:46
Super Moderator
New version online, please get it here:


18-10-2010 14:11
thinBasic MVPs
Thanks for the update I will have a play tonight.


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