ThinBasic include files
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ThinBasic include files


I would like to propose new extension for include files used in thinBasic. So far the common practice was to use .INC extension. That is intuitive, but the problem is this extension is used across multiple BASICs.

As I have installed both PowerBASIC and ThinBASIC on my PC, the .INC files always open in PB/IDE for now.

I also prefix all includes for thinBasic, so they have form of:

which at least partially helps me to differentiate the difference between my PB and TB includes containing function declarations from DLLs.

Then there is other use, where I tend to write my code in modular way, so I would like to have ability to create code libraries (represented as ~include files), which would be directly editable in ThinAIR as tBasic and tBasicC files are now. For this I currently use tBasic extension, but it seems to cause confusion.

I think, that something like tBasicI (like thinBasic include), tBasicU (like thinBasic unit) or similar could be nice to have and openable in thinAir.

What do you think?

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12-12-2010 15:04
thinBasic author
Seems a good idea

12-12-2010 22:52
thinBasic MVPs
I think the tbasic and then suffix gets too long.

perhaps .tbi for include?

12-12-2010 23:07
thinBasic MVPs
How about this conflation:



12-12-2010 23:45
thinBasic MVPs
Quote Originally Posted by kryton9 View Post
I think the tbasic and then suffix gets too long.

perhaps .tbi for include?
We have had .tbasicC for as long as I remember so having a C,I,P or U would be a sensible option, the .extension will be registered with windows to open with thinAir and tbasic should be only used by thinBasic. Any other .extension could be hijacked by another program.

Mike C

12-12-2010 23:52
Super Moderator
I have added mentioned options to the list. Thanks for your ideas guys!

At the moment I am with Mike on this - you will never be forced to write the whole extension, as in save dialog you just pick inlclude/unit from the combobox of filetypes, so the fact it is few chars longer does not make much pain. And it also reduces the risk of "clash of extensions" in associations.

And when including? Don't forget you can do this :):
#include "object_car.*"
We will see what the voting will show.


13-02-2011 15:47
thinBasic author
I'm starting to work on this
Any latest idea will be welcome

I've already changed #INCLUDE directive so you will even be able to add something like:
#include "*.*"
and thinBasic will not include main script name

08-03-2011 23:20
thinBasic author
Added setup for .tbasici and .tbasicu

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