Hash_GetSize, Hash_Last
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Hash_GetSize, Hash_Last

It were nice to know the size of data in a bucket without the need to poor the content out into a glass of stringy-twinky -

especially if dynamic subelements in data structures are located at the end of the data to secure equal handling in the base-parts

it is like nullification of any tweaks and optimizations that were done on the language base to be faster than average only.

A lighning-speed tokenizer does not help, neither does a super-fast hash-table when instead of secure reading from the allocated content
every time the buckets entestines have to be transferred into a dynamite string just to be able to read the last elements
-including stored names at the very end - first - because of the risk to cause a GPF and no safe way to check if data is intact it were
nice to know either size or last bytes position where i could subtract Hash_GetPtr from in case text - but last byte were perfect for udts.
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