Feature-Request: thinAir Shortcut/Hotkey to popup codeblocks directly
issueid=653 14-09-2021 20:28
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Feature-Request: thinAir Shortcut/Hotkey to popup codeblocks directly

Not to be in need to grab the mouse for it while typing and where the keyboard does not have a key to open the context-menu or where it has one even directly to go to the codeblocks submenu without to push at least 2 more keys
it would be nice to have a direct - and smart - shortcut, using a hotkey that opens the popup and selects one that fits already present chars,
like i start a new line and type

and then use the codeblocks-hotkey and - smart as thinbasic - it will place the highlight onto "Function/End Function"-Block if outside any function or sub and if inside a function or sub currently the highlight were on "For/Next"

the annotations or seperating-line comments
' Repeat$(80, "-")
' Repeat$(16, "----|")
etc. i would put all together into a submenu ' (notes and comments) that might open directly if my current line contains an apostrophe only.
Also Structures as Union & Type would not show up o be disabled while the caret is not on global scope
Function, Callback, Sub were not accessible if previous the current line is no End Function/End Sub but already a callback, function or sub
conditionals (If-blocks/select case) and loops (while, do, repeat, for) were in any case disabled within unions and within type-definitions but not inside type functions

making them not appear would reduce the size of the visible menu and if the popup-menu opens on a shortcut and takes the current lines content as a start
on my typed "i" it could open an arsenal of different if-block constructs while my "s" on global scope would preselect "Sub" over "Select Case" and only show these if not
previously is some assignment block "Begin blockname" where "End blockname" did not follow yet.

i dont know if related to the code-blocks but if my line is
Callback Function cb123() As Long
and i push Shift+Enter then nothing happens.
if its just
Function f123() as Long
and i push Shift+Enter
my caret goes down 1 line and the line below
End Function
appears. Aint that supposed to happen also for a callback-function?
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