TBASS_SampleLoad fails to load from memory
issueid=439 01-09-2013 09:04
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TBASS_SampleLoad fails to load from memory
TBASS_SampleLoad fails to load file from memory

It seems the TBASS_SampleLoad fails to load sample from memory buffer,

I used official SampleScripts/TBASS/TBASS_SampleFromMemory.tBasic script to test it, which fails with "Can't play file..." message.

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Issue Number 439
Project thinBasic
Category Unknown
Status Fixed
Priority 3
Affected Version 1.9.7
Fixed Version 1.9.8
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06-09-2013 03:44
thinBasic author
Hopefully fixed.
Will be present in next version

06-09-2013 15:19
Super Moderator
Perfect, thanks!


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