DIR_Exists is not working correctly
issueid=403 08-06-2013 09:36
thinBasic MVPs
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DIR_Exists is not working correctly



I've found a reason in the meantime:

if App_Scriptpath is located on "C:\" and App_Scriptpath HAS NO SUBFOLDERS inside, DIR_Exists("C:\") returns wrong result !

Uses "Console", "FILE"

If DIR_Exists("C:\") Then
  PrintL "C:\ exists"
  PrintL "C:\ seems not to exist"

Save this file to some empty folder ON YOUR "C:"-Drive and run it.
Thereafter create a new subfolder - inside that previously empty folder and next to this script - and run again.
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08-06-2013 15:29
thinBasic author
Fix will be present in next release

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