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Function_CParams doesn't give correct count; gets lost as a call parameter

A couple of problems:
1) For the statement "v1 = Func1("B",11)", Function_CParams should be 2?
2) Func2(Function_CParams) should be same As Function_CParams?

  Uses "Console"        
  Global v1 As Single

  v1 = Func1("A")
  PrintL "          should have printed  1 1", $CRLF
  v1 = Func1("B",11)
  PrintL "           should have printed  2 2", $CRLF
Function Func1(txt As String, Optional y As Single) As Single
  PrintL "Func1 receives ", txt, y, "; CParams=", Function_CParams, Func2(Function_CParams)
  Function = 22
End Function

Function Func2(z As Long) As Long
  PrintL "Func2 receives  " & str$(z)
  Function = z
End Function
As always, regards, Dave
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Issue Number 332
Project thinBasic
Category Core engine (thinCore.dll)
Status Fixed
Priority Unknown
Affected Version 1.8.9
Fixed Version 1.9.1
Milestone thinBasic
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09-11-2011 09:44
Super Moderator
Hi Dave,

I can replicate this. Good catch!


10-11-2011 22:23
thinBasic author
Exactly, good catch!.
Fixed. Also fixed "Function_NParams"

Will be present in next release.

11-11-2011 01:49

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