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Michael Clease

Disaster strikes

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Hello to the masses,

My world has come to a rather abrupt development laptop has died a quite a painful death.

The stages of death are as follows :

  1. Blue Screen
  2. followed by a rapid reset
  3. video bios image came up with data corruption
  4. Windows tried to boot
  5. message from windows....
  6. "the following file has been fried by windows"
  7. "tuff luck sucker your machine is now DEAD"
  8. quiet sobbing from me
  9. followed by a string of words that sound like luck,mastered and oh rollocks
  10. Get screw drivers out and strip machine down just to reseat anything
  11. Didnt work
  12. Give up
  13. Search on Net for new laptop
  14. C2k is probably best option (Trade price)

Luckily I can still access the HDD from another machine I HOPE, tomorrow will be the moment of truth.



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  1. Michael Hartlef's Avatar
    Oh man,

    I feel with you and hope that you can get your datas of that harddrive and a nice new machine to work on.
  2. ErosOlmi's Avatar
    Damned hardware
  3. Petr Schreiber's Avatar
    Oh no, it makes me even more nervous I use notebook as my dev PC. After reading this I did backup immediately
  4. Michael Clease's Avatar
    Thanks guys dont worry to much I had backed up already, this is also why I asked about NAS boxs a while back. I just need to convince the wife that I deserve a new laptop but shes not convinced I have been a good enough boy though .

    I do have a short term solution my brother has an old toshiba laptop lying around gathering dust and I might re-home it for him
  5. Michael Clease's Avatar
    I have the laptop off my brother which is an Acer not Toshiba as I thought, it is running XP pro with a Radeon 9000 IGP and 2.8Ghz CPU so not to bad for now.

    Now to set it up how I want...I might be some time...........