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Michael's thoughts on thinBasic and game development.

Want to see a game development tutorial?

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Hi folks,

I have a huge motivation to create a game development tutorial. The tutorial would be a series of articles here on this website and would show you how to create such a game from start to finish.

I could come up with the theme behind it myself but I would love to hear if you are interested in something like this and what kind of genre you would like to see being covered in the tutorial. Creating such a tutorial is a good opportunity to test thinBasic's abilities. And who knows, it can lead into new fucntionalites in thinBasic modules.

So let me hear your suggestions. 2D or 3D? Board game, turn based strategy, shooter, whatever.

Michael Hartlef

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  1. ErosOlmi's Avatar
    I like your
    I have a huge motivation ...

    Personally I'm a great fan of 3D shooter from the old Doom to the recent COD (I have all COD series for XBox 360). My preferred game is Battlefield Bad Company 2 for its physic, its clear and precise graphics, its online gaming and most of all for the possibility to interact and destroy whatever you have on the map in a real way.
  2. Petr Schreiber's Avatar
    I am all for it Mike.

    Maybe it could discuss the general design issues first. Which systems - renderer, sound system, AI system - are involved and so on.
    I recently bought a "Game Engine Architecture" on Amazon, and it has nice refreshing look on the problematic, explaining the skeleton of whole concept first independently on game.
    Maybe it could be the way.

    Then I remember great TBGL demo of yours about combining 2D and 3D collision mesh for adventure games, it could be interesting topic as well.

    The possibilities are endless, I guess that is why we like the game coding so much

    Suggestion by Eros on destructible environment is also good one - that is where ThinBASIC has not yet very strong support, and it could lead to broaden the toolkit with some physics engine.

    I will follow your blog with interest,
  3. sblank's Avatar
    Hi Michael,

    Count me (us) in as well. I am teaching a game programming class here at Wayne City High School in southern Illinois (very rural southern Illinois!). We are newbie's at game programming and Eros has graciously offered to create a dedicated forum for my class. Both Eros and Petr have been very kind in offering help and suggestions... my biggest fear is that we'll ask too many questions!

    Our experiences will benefit not only us, but the thinBasic community as well (I hope).

    A game development tutorial would be terrific to say the least. I have some very bright students and we'll all benefit from such a discourse!

    Stan Blank
  4. Michael Hartlef's Avatar
    Hi Stan,

    its great to have you guys on board. Which theme (agem type) are covering in your class and what would you like to see being covered here?

  5. marcuslee's Avatar
    As we have the time, energy, and interest ... I think doing tutorials on all aspects of many genres would be helpful to a wide variety of people. Personally I am not as interested in the graphic side of things (though those aspects need to be covered as well). But, as I understand games -- even the most visually designed -- they all have similar framework on the calculation side of things, from keeping track of game data, artificial intelligence, to mathematical equations and the basic GUI of graphic and non-graphic games.

    Where will this tutorial take place, stored?

  6. Michael Hartlef's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by marcuslee
    Where will this tutorial take place, stored?
    It will be a series of articles here on the homepage. Or did you ment something else?
  7. Dylan's Avatar
    Hey. I'd love to see an in depth tutorial that works through designing a whole game. I learn by going through something line-by-line to see what does what, so that kind of tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

    I think a first-person shooter would cover a wide range of concepts, like 3d collisions and some physics that could carry over into other genres as well, but I would learn a lot no matter what type of game you choose.

    I'll be keeping an eager eye out for the first article.

  8. Michael Hartlef's Avatar
    Okeedokee, at least 2 would like to see something FPS like. Let's see if TBGL is up to the task. :-) The preparation is little bit more harder and some parts I haev to learn too but we all can learn along as we go.