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400 Treaties

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(My opinion.)

"a machine for demolishing limits"

I can't remember ever disagreeing with Chris Hedges (link to article).

When the "people" from Western Europe invaded and conquered North America, they made over 400 treaties with the "Indians", and broke every one.

They perpetrated genocide against the indigenous people, men, women, children, babies, and stole (But, I guess theft is not theft, when it is done with the backing of a "legal" document.) their land.

(And, how did Mexico happen to lose the southwestern portion of what is now the United States?)

Incidentally, if I am correct, they originally began referring to the native people as, "Indians", because, these "DF"s thought they were in India.

They were almost successful in making the American buffalo extinct, just for the sake of greed..

I see zero fundamental difference (Do suits and ties soften the infliction of annihilation?) between those savage barbarians of 175 years ago, and those at the tops of the power pyramids today.

Therefore, it is no surprise to me, that today's power brokers fully intend to doom the vast majority of human society to suffering deaths, while glorifying themselves from inside their fortresses of insulated opulent decadence.

And, to me, today's power brokers are yesterday's (also today's?) slave traders, too.

But, on the other hand, dullards never believe doomsayers, correct?

And, "climate change", is cyclical, it has nothing at all to do with man-made combustion, right?

Coincidentally, we happen to be going through a cycle in which it is very hot, and some places get no rain - ever, while others are "drowned" - daily, nothing to worry about though!


By the way, when the power brokers do begin to see their own futures jeopardized due to global warming, watch how they start taxing anything to do with combustion - for instance, driving automobiles.

The vast majority of people had no choice about becoming absolutely dependent upon industrialized society (making the power brokers obscenely wealthy), and, they will have no choice about being financially penalized into destitution for being dependent upon it.


One more thing.

Let me know when you can enumerate the fundamental difference between a country and a gang.

What, for instance, besides lack of power, is to prevent me from declaring myself as a sovereign nation, and producing a document giving me the legal authority to take your property?

It's interesting to me, countries always seem to create legal documents which give themselves the authority to do whatever it is they currently want to do.

The mafia could do the same thing, correct?

However, who can remain gloomy when the all important Olympics are beginning next week?!

Maybe I'll see you at the stadium!!

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