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Ouija Boards

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According to this article, the movements of an Ouija Board are due to the users' subconscious(s).

I believe it.

Further, I would bet that the articles on the following two sites are straight from the authors' subconscious(s) (of course, some of the authors may be intentionally attempting to deceive), i.e., the authors are channeling no one, and they have zero special knowledge.

How someone can become absolutely convinced that what he or she writes is actually an important telepathic communication from non-humans, is a mystery to me (narcissistic mental illness?).

I doubt myself all day, every day.

How can people make such a great emotional investment in a phenomenon, which seems to me to have, a very tiny probability of being genuine?

If you look at the two sites above, you'll see that unbelievable changes are forecast for humanity before the end of 2012.

My bet is that none of them will happen.

But, if they don't happen, I would also bet that the two sites will just continue on.

I don't think anyone associated with the failed predictions will profess embarrassment, humiliation, or shame.

I'm reminded of cults.

When Steve Beckow, from the 2012scenario site, wants to prove something, he'll write, "Archangel Michael said..", or, "SaLuSa said..". In my opinion, either he is scamming, or, he is, "missing some screws". It doesn't seem to occur to him that Archangel Michael may be no one other than, his supposed channeler, Linda Dillon, and, SaLuSa may be no one other than his (her?) supposed channeler, Mike Quinsey.

(Also interesting to me is how the various "channelers" read what each other write, the result being that their storylines are similar and complementary. And, over time, an entire New Age vocabulary has evolved. If I am correct, in fact it has no connection to reality.)


Today (tomorrow I may feel differently), I would bet that no human has ever communicated with any higher-terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, or spiritual being.

If I am correct, then, isn't it weird how religions spread and thrive like weeds?

In that case, religions remind me of little kids pretending, and telling each other stories - and then coming to believe them, maybe simply because of repetition. I can imagine the same thing with religions - what begins as fantasy, grows to become perceived reality - no one even remembers the original creator.

Today, I see the evolution of a human, from primitive to advanced as,





I would theorize that the nihilist is unlikely to reproduce.


(All of this is just current my opinions, I didn't type it in blood.)

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