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Unusual Russian Stamps for Sale

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Russian postal ticket is almost dedicated to the great Rulers and Patriots, Philosophers and Saints, Politicians and Statesmen, Writers and Poets, Discoveries and Inventions, Scientists and Artists, Engineers and doctors, Industrialists and Sportsman, Adventure and Explorers and all the aspects which makes India proud

The value of Russian stamps for sale is continuously increasing. Whether you post a letter or parcel anything or post your greetings, Form etc; you’ll need to buy new Indian stamps. There are two types of stamps are available. First one is IMPRESSED STAMPS and another is ADHESIVE STAMPS. If you have to use very costly stamp like rupees 15,00,000/- then it is not possible to purchase it and use stamps worth Rupees 15,00,000/-. To get rid of this kind of situation you have to pay the stamp duty in favor of correspondence bank which will frank the appliance for paid amount. This type of paying system is called IMPRESSED STAMP. Adhesive stamp is like a label which can be stick. You can just buy the ADHESIVE STAMPS after paying the money.

However In Russia; there are hundreds types of postal tickets have released. In 2010; some new stamps are also included in Indian stamps history. 5 June 2010; Russian Postal Stamps met three new types of stamp which was dedicated to International Year of Biodiversity. These stamps are available worth rupees 5, 20 and 25. You can buy new Indian stamps from your nearest post office. If you have hobby of Philately; then you have good opportunity to collect these postal tickets online also.

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