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Bolivia postage stamps

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Last month I went to the my post office after meeting the newborn daughter of a couple of my friends. Not because I needed or wanted to buy some Bolivia postage stamps , but because it was the first time conquered anxiety enough to drive that far out on my own. I wanted to see if I could handle making it into the area where the mall is located and back out again. To ease my anxiety after getting there, I texted a friend and invited him to meet me there. It wasn�t just the drive itself that made me anxious.

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So, I'm in somewhat of a pensive mood. I've been wondering if I like philately so much because I can't deal with the real world. In the context of expansive universes blooming from people's imagination, doesn't the real world seem a tad dull? At the same time it feel infinitely full, everything is jostling for space and purpose. I think that's what I may have a problem with, life seems to lack a unifying direction. Conversely fiction seems like more of a collated emulation of reality.

I don't really know why. I think I just had a draining amount of stuff on my mind and was too lazy for anything else except stamp collecting.

So while I was gone I got a place, got a boyfriend, had fun, had distress, had depression, got over depression, went to Ireland, broke up with my boyfriend as a mutual decision, and decided to stop sitting around doing nothing.

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