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Initial Thoughts on thinBasic

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Forgive any incoherence, but I didn't finish cutting the grass until 4am. And instead of going to bed, I have been playing with thinBasic for the past 7 hours here in bed, while my wife sleeps.

I usually use several different programming languages. Different languages for different purposes. My most used language was Jamagic which was an awesome interpreted language that was very powerful and could do apps, 2d and 3d and despite its age and having been dead for many years, it still worked flawlessly on any Windows system. I never released much of anything in Jamagic, but I used it for prototyping nearly everything I worked on.

All of my old systems and backups are buried in boxes in the studio. So, I am really starting fresh, with a clean slate for the most part. In looking at what current languages are still around and still active, I decided to check out thinBasic.

I have found my new language for prototyping! ThinBasic rocks and is perfect for my prototyping needs as well as my "have fun" language to play around with and relax.

The only thing I dislike about thinBasic is the VD. But, to give it some props, it is one of the few VDs that properly handle Group Boxes within the VD itself. I am kinda picky about VDs and I also seem to be one of the few who actually use a VD. That is it for dislikes and for clarity I generally dislike 80% of the VDs that come with a language.

Petr has done an awesome job on the OpenGL side of thinBasic! Everything is very well thought out and intuitive. Michael has made some awesome contributions to the gaming side if thinBasic, as well. So a huge thank you to Petr and Michael for all of their hard work.

As to the rest of thinBasic, I am extremely impressed with everything Eros has done. If thinBasic had a JavaScript-like syntax, it would be a modern version of Jamagic (which is my favorite language of all time). But there is nothing wrong with BASIC syntax. So, a modern version of Jamagic with a syntax which requires much less coding.

Music has always been my first love and is now once again my main focus. I am in the process of saving $$ to build a new studio and will be able to work on my own music, as well as do production work and lessons and instrument repairs.

I quit taking contract programming work almost five years ago. So, anything programming wise for me now, is purely for my own enjoyment and to fill my own need or desire. As I have gotten back into music, especially the production side of it, I have found there are a lot of little apps and utilities I could write that would help with working with certain studio gear and keeping records/logs, etc. So most programming things publicly released from me would likely fall into that category, although I do have a love for certain types of games.

Indie languages are almost all dead. ThinBasic is one of just a small few that are still actively developed and supported. I hope it will continue to thrive for many years. There is an awesome group of people here and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be among the community.

I am still learning thinBasic, and I am sure I will have many questions and due to my TBI, it can be harder for me to grasp some things and I often need more in-depth help/explanations/examples if I am struggling.

Thank you to Eros and the gang for thinBasic.

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  1. Michael Hartlef's Avatar
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  2. Kuron's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hartlef
    Glad you enjoy TB. I think it is one of the fastest interpreted languages out there. To bad it is Windows only but then, it is well supported.
    TB is very fast and I have the cheapest Windows notebook out there. Really is a good system though (1.83 GHz quad core, 2MB cache, 2gb DDR3L ram, IPS screen), and was only $75. I liked it so much I went and bought a couple more at that price to have in spare. TB absolutely flies on it and all of the OpenGL examples are nice and smooth, no tearing or stutters. I do not think it is possible to find a cheaper Windows 10 system out there. That TB is so fast on it, speaks volumes to how good TB is.

    "Windows only" is a much harder sell these days. For what I do, almost no specialty hardware works with Linux. So lack of Linux support is not a huge deal for me (although I do love Linux). Macs are still hugely popular for music and video production and a lot of the pro hardware can actually be "Mac only", although most pro stuff will support Macs and Windows.

    Unfortunately, the changes Apple made a few years back, make easy cross-platform support for a programming language more difficult. Gone are the good old days of like in GLBasic where you could be on your PC and easily compile a Mac version.

    I was prepared to completely ditch Windows and switch to Macs earlier this year, but I just can't get used to the new keyboards on the Macbooks and Macbook Pros and returned both systems within the return period.
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  3. Kuron's Avatar
    I use Panda as my AV program. It generally does good about no false positives. But, every time I try and compile something with TB, it sets Panda off. Which in turn causes TB to lock up, because it can't complete the compile process. Just have to remember to disable Panda before compiling something.
  4. ErosOlmi's Avatar
    Thanks a lot Kuron for your nice words.
    thinBasic is still here after many years because is my passion, is my place where I spent time when I want to be alone and have pleasure in doing something, is still there because I use it at work (and some of my colleagues too). Is still here because I've found a lot of passionate friends all around the world sharing a similar passion.
    And, in case I will die, I've left instructions to what to do with thinBasic sources
    So I think thinBasic will be around for a long time.

    That said, if you have some ideas, some new functionality, some new specific functions you would like to see in thinBasic, just ask in forum and we will discuss about it. Many many thinBasic features were born from discussions in forum.

    Thanks to be with us.
  5. Petr Schreiber's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for this post, Kuron,

    it is always a great pleasure to hear/read that what we do here is useful for others