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Best paratransit software

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If you have your fleet vehicles, either you are the head of the organization which has a number of cars, in this article you can read about how to choose a GPS operator to work.

Sooner or later the owner of the vehicle is faced with these questions:

- Moving my car?

- How many miles he drove?

- What roads he was moving and how fast? etc.

And then the fleet owner decides to purchase a system of satellite monitoring of vehicles, simply to organize the control of his fleet.

The question now is: what is the company to enter into a contract for services and what equipment to buy.

How to choose a company for GPS vehicle monitoring?

What are the criteria in choosing the GPS operator?

Will try to help in this selection!

First: This is a professional level GPS operator approach to their work.

GPS is not always the operator who has to its credit a large number of vehicles (e.g. 15 20тыс. PCs) will truly be the best. Usually this is due to other factors (low price on the equipment, administrative resources, etc.). Ultimately, this cooperation was short-lived, and soon You will start to look for another GPS operator. And it would be nice if you already purchased equipment can be reused, rather than buying anew.

On a professional level GPS operators said not the number of connected cars, and the cooperation of the fleet with the operator. If this collaboration continues for a long time and the owner of the fleet not thinking of changing to another operator, then its all happy and with this operator you can start working. Therefore you should always learn from those organizations that already have a system for monitoring vehicles how they do it, all happy in their work. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than on their own.

Second: This is a software which is used to monitor vehicles.

When You buy a device to monitor vehicles not always the most expensive device is the best software, and Vice versa. As ruled devices for GPS monitoring, it's just hardware that needs to be programmed, under a certain set of functions. And capabilities of the monitoring system depends largely on what functions you can connect to the device.

You need to understand that the GPS monitoring is a hardware-software complex, where one side is devices for tracking vehicles, and software for viewing of the cars.

It is obligatory to get acquainted with DEMO version of the program.

The basic requirements which must be presented to the software.

- Convenience

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Everything should be intuitive. "Icons" should be highlighted hints. The paratransit software should not be anything extra that is not required for monitoring of the car. (For example, the altitude, the testimony of any other data which You are not interested)

- The speed of the software

View the history of the movement of the vehicle, reporting must occur very quickly, and take an average of 2 to 4 seconds. The shorter the time, the faster you can view the work of the fleet, analyze routes, etc. And then more time for other tasks. In addition, the program is enjoyable and not tedious.

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