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The intention behind my UI in TBGL was to have own controls.
Also i don't like to use windows callbacks and all the burdens of windows controls.

And to have some more overview about the whole TBGL-UI-project i started to write the first utility as thinICE- an Inconvinient Coding-Expedient for thinBasic that will help me to code & debug my projects faster.

Of course thinICE itself uses the TBGL-UI to display all data. Quite confusing, right?

So all the stuff i ever dreamt of - as autocomplete, syntax-highlighting, spellcheck, list anything and sort all variables, functions etc. into a structured tree, so it's very easy to find desired information about any unit of the current project.

Still undone but improving...

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  1. Michael Hartlef's Avatar
    That sounds really interesting. thank you for sharing it. I will give it definitely a try as it could become handy in the development of a tool I am designing at the moment.