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Industrial equipment installation services

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Assembly, installation and dismantling of industrial and technological equipment is one of the main activities of the company. Our company works in a variety of industries such as mechanical engineering, Metalworking, chemical, power, light and food. We accept orders for the Assembly, installation, dismantling of industrial equipment, modernization of current production. Construction company has extensive experience in the installation of industrial equipment, both domestic and imported.

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We offer wide range of industrial equipment installation services in Wisconsin, Illinois and other states. Installation of industrial and process equipment is a sequential build process, installation of equipment and machinery. Consists of General training, installation, mechanical and technical work of qualified employees to run the equipment. Employees of the construction company are highly qualified specialists in the field of hydraulics, Pneumatics, mechanics, electricians, programming, can provide reliable maintenance. The permanent staff of the enterprise allows for installation, commissioning work in full. If necessary, the number of employees could double or more, to perform all work in contract terms.

One of the most important components of the industrial installation, process equipment - knowledgeable, neat, and most importantly professional installation. Reliability and durability of its subsequent work, as well as the quality of its operation largely depends on the level of installation.

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