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I have this program to create that someone would like to buy from me ... Its suppost to have 5 forms including a splashcreen.

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  1. ReneMiner's Avatar
    What do you intend to create: Simple Windows-App or something with graphics?

    For windows-only I suggest to play around with samples found in c:\thinBasic\SampleScripts\UI\ lots of subfolders here so you can check out possibilities - maybe one of these gives you a good point to start from or spiritual input already. Perhaps try out Visual Designer which you can access via thinAir- menu "Tools"
    If you want to use graphics (TBGL) - you could find a good starting example for using multiple windows here.

    However- if you want to sell something, you'll need someone who is willing to pay. Sometimes people are overready to pay some cash for big trash as mobile-phone-games and -apps, lovetesters and all that crap that nobody really needs. There you'll have to sell a lot for very low price, but you'll in fact sell at least a few

    And there's also the serious thinking people which will buy software for a higher price. But these are gonna check out what they buy in advance and they balance reasons to spend their money what for. So there you'll sell less copies - but for a better price from your sight. For some serious project you also have to ensure more quality, keep it supported etc. which is more effort in long terms but will result in some reputation for you(r company) also.

    Regarding reputation, your energy, ideas and high profile you might create only a few small cheap apps but on a high level of quality and change to serious development before your name gets associated to phone-apps etc. too much.
  2. VZLA's Avatar
    Thanks a lot!
    I think i can get started now ..