• Application Forum (Info and rules)

    Dear all,

    I've added a new functionality to thinBasic community forum: thinBasic Applications Forum

    What is this about?
    It is a place where thinBasic developers can publish and share their source code applications in an organized way.
    Source code, application images (if any), application settings and other info can be indicated.

    AOTM (Application Of The Month)
    Each application can be voted with the usual rating system (1 to 5 stars) plus each application can be nominated as AOTM (Application Of The Month)
    Automatically a new poll post will be posted into a specific forum called AOTM forum allowing to vote for the AOTM.
    At least 3 applications must be nominated for the poll to appear

    Application example
    I've posted an application example using current thinBasic tutorial script distributed with all thinBasic setup.
    Please follows indications reported into this example to better conform to a standard.

    Donation system
    A donation system is connected with this new forum feature.
    Developer having a PayPal account can customize their setup going into forum profile or directly using this page: http://www.thinbasic.com/community/modsystem_miscactions.php?do=editdonate
    Just enter your PayPal email and check if you are a verified PayPal account or not.
    Forum users willing to donate something to the Application Developer can just do it with few clicks

    Notification system
    Users tagging an application or marking an application as installed, will receive notification if application author will update application version or will set manual notifications

    Published applications MUST have at least the following characteristics:
    1. be in the form of thinBasic source code
    2. must be complete applications and not just fragmented piece of code
    3. must be freely usable by other programmers to create derivative works
    4. source code and other needed files MUST be inside a ZIP file also possibly inside a sub directory
    5. possibly one or more images should be attached in order to show application "face"

    Applications not conforming to the above, will be removed

    I hope you will like it and post your applications.

    Please report anything you think should be changed in this new forum feature

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