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  1. Testing ThinBASIC: Starting at the end

    In the previous blog post I presented areas in which thinBASIC ecosystem could be improved in order to harden the stability of both the core and modules, including those developed by you using ThinBASIC SDK.

    Today, I would like to share my views on how looking at the end might give us ideas what we need to count with before we will start implementing first line of test supporting functionality.

    What kind of information do we expect from tests?

    We need to raise ...
  2. Testing ThinBASIC: Past, current and future approaches

    ThinBASIC project will celebrate 15 years since its first public release this year in August. It is really a joy to see how much it evolved, how the user base changed and what incredible amounts of excellent project were finished with it.

    While the original "thin" thinBASIC core was accompanied by a few modules, such as file manipulation or 3D graphics, the current version has over 50 specialized extensions, which make thinBASIC much more versatile tool than the one from more ...
  3. Why I Love thinBASIC

    I might have mentioned this before, but here's why I love thinBASIC, and why there's nothing else like it:

    • ReDim with Preserve
    • Linked Lists
    • Double-buffered and easy to use Canvas drawing
    • Callbacks
    • Ability to Create Nice GUIs
    • Talented community of developers and supporters
    • Extendable modules
    • Bundler thingy
    • #Include support

    And that right there sells it for me.
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