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  1. The Name is Variable

    What's in a name? Well, the name of something can make all the difference in the world. I've come up with two names for my latest project, the text based simulation game. And, no, one of the names is not Variable. That was simply part of a catchy blog post title. If you have gotten this far, my clever (yet corny) name for this blog post worked.

    The two names are as follows:

    • Perfect Harmony
    • Impact!

    The exclamation point in Impact! is ...
    Gaming , Development
  2. Influence and Inspiration

    My latest idea for a venture into the wonderful world of programming is the creation of a text based simulation game. Of all the projects I have undertaken, completed or not, this one is probably the biggest one. Games that have influenced and given me inspiration for this project are many and varied.

    My first foray into the land of simulation was the classic Sim City. I was in the 7th grade. It was a computer technology class. Every two weeks or so we would change stations, each ...

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    Gaming , Development