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  1. Unusual Russian Stamps for Sale

    Russian postal ticket is almost dedicated to the great Rulers and Patriots, Philosophers and Saints, Politicians and Statesmen, Writers and Poets, Discoveries and Inventions, Scientists and Artists, Engineers and doctors, Industrialists and Sportsman, Adventure and Explorers and all the aspects which makes India proud

    The value of Russian stamps for sale is continuously increasing. Whether you post a letter or parcel anything or post your greetings, Form ...
  2. Help me

    I have this program to create that someone would like to buy from me ... Its suppost to have 5 forms including a splashcreen.
  3. Differentiation

    Today I learned about Differentiation (finding derivatives) in my Pre-Calculus course.

    I'm not exactly sure what you use them for, but the book said they were originally created to find the speed of a moving object at a certain instant in time.

    Sounds kind of exciting. Maybe I can find a use for it in programming. That always helps me cement the math concepts I learn into my little head.

    Have you had to use differentiation in any programming projects? ...
  4. Free thoughts and a Game

    Well, it's that time of year. Everybody's celebrating something from Christmas to Thanksgiving to Hanukkah...

    I'm on thanksgiving break. It's nice. I guess thanksgiving is just an American holiday? I think everyone should be greatful and stop being so greedy the next day on black friday...ahem...

    Anyways, I've been drawing pictures of how I want my drawing program to look and work. It's rather weird drawing pictures of a drawing program, but it has to be done. And it's ...
  5. Math and Programming

    Lately, math has been on my brain a lot. As well as chemistry, but that has a lot to do with math.

    I've been studying trigonometry in my pre-calculus course this year - if I haven't already mentioned that. It just now dawned on me how useful the unit circle is and what it does (at least it makes more sense than it did!). I wished I had understood it better two weeks ago when I first learned about it, oh well lol.

    Anyways, I've been researching the Windows GDI API, and ...
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