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  1. New forum, new activities.

    by , 06-11-2010 at 22:04 (Michael's thoughts on thinBasic and game development.)
    Hi folks,

    I just saw the new blog feature and said to myself... let's use it. I think bringing something new to our small community is always a good way to raise the level of motivation and other stuff. So what are the thinBasic related projects I want to work in the next weeks.

    First it is my TBAI module. I promised Petr that I would integrate Catmull Rom into the way you can follow th epath between two waypoints. I have already some code done for it but not that ...
    Tags: tbai, tbgl
  2. Interactive Fiction - What is it?

    Welcome to my first blog post.

    I will blog mainly about interactive fiction (text adventures) and in particular the TAB - "thinBasic Adventure Builder" program being made for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7 platform using the thinbasic programming language.

    Firstly, an introduction to interactive fiction. Exactly what is it?

    Interactive fiction like normal creative writing fiction usually has a plot - a storyline, ...
  3. New Montague Keen and Matthew Ward

    Wow, both seem to indicate that the Vatican came directly from Hell.


    Montague Keen


    Matthew Ward


  4. 147 corporations control 80% of world's wealth?

    See what you think about this.

    For me, I suspect that the article is substantially true, and, I am angry enough to post this before I even finish reading the article.

    What is worse for the "puppeteers" of the world than for everyone to know who they are, and exactly what they have done?

    Propaganda doesn't always work, correct?

    For instance, if someone murders
  5. Testing ThinBASIC: Starting at the end

    In the previous blog post I presented areas in which thinBASIC ecosystem could be improved in order to harden the stability of both the core and modules, including those developed by you using ThinBASIC SDK.

    Today, I would like to share my views on how looking at the end might give us ideas what we need to count with before we will start implementing first line of test supporting functionality.

    What kind of information do we expect from tests?

    We need to raise ...
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