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  1. UDT inheritance: Accessing base type functions

    ThinBASIC user defined types, also known as UDTs, offer convenient way to inherit properties and functions - via the Extends keyword.
    This approach allows inheriting properties and functions from the base UDT. This is very useful, but there is one catch one needs to be aware!

    If you specify function in the new UDT which has the same name as function in the base UDT, override is performed and the whenever you use the function, the one from the new type is used.
    This is expected ...

    Updated 20-03-2016 at 13:36 by Petr Schreiber

    Tags: inheritance, type, udt
  2. Please Help!

    I just started in programming and I got a Primitive object to show but now I need help with how to program it to make it move specifically with the arrow keys. Does any one know how?
  3. New UI ... CallBacks options

    Great work Eros !!!

    please if you can, look also to the Visual Designer in future versions, I'm using it but I find so many bugs .... I, coming from VB6, I just can not do without this tool, and add many controls in manual mode, requires a large dispersion of time that could be done in 5 minutes with the help of a visual editor that works well. ..

    I was even thinking of writing one from scratch, with the help of good Rene, but the task is very difficult and I think ...
  4. Window replacement contractor in Milwaukee

    Looking for help trying to decide when it’s time to replace your home windows employing the services of Window Replacement Contractor in Milwaukee. Use the following checklist and guidelines on window replacements…

    1. Are windows at your home in a desperate need for replacement? Has the frame or sash of your windows deteriorated over the past few years?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pella’s experts (Pella has a proud 85-year history of environmental stewardship) ...
  5. Yo

    Yo dudes...
    If someone is interested for developing hobby open source interpreter look into:
    Project is created with Oxygen Basic...

    Updated 05-12-2013 at 21:16 by zlatkoAB

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