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  1. Initial Thoughts on thinBasic

    Forgive any incoherence, but I didn't finish cutting the grass until 4am. And instead of going to bed, I have been playing with thinBasic for the past 7 hours here in bed, while my wife sleeps.

    I usually use several different programming languages. Different languages for different purposes. My most used language was Jamagic which was an awesome interpreted language that was very powerful and could do apps, 2d and 3d and despite its age and having been dead for many years, it still ...
  2. Your first GitHub fork

    The introductory blog post tried to sum up the advantages of GitHub for your thinBasic project storage and publishing.
    Let's leave the cold theory and embrace some practical example! This post will describe the basic workflow for founding a new thinBasic project at GitHub.

    Grab the fork
    Multiple times, across the original article, I mentioned the term fork. As it might not be obvious, let's have a look at what does it mean to create fork of GitHub repository.


    Updated 08-01-2017 at 12:03 by Petr Schreiber

  3. Idea for handling your project code in 2017

    Your code. Your creation. Your history of thrill, discovery, ingenious solutions and proud publishing.

    Let me remind you of how we shared the code in the past, and what could be the possible direction for 2017.

    For years, we got used to a simple system. When we developed piece of code worth sharing or showcasing, we pasted it as forum post, or added it as attachement.
    This approach worked, and over years we learned some rules - to stick the latest version to the first ...

    Updated 01-01-2017 at 17:14 by Petr Schreiber

  4. My UI in TBGL

    The intention behind my UI in TBGL was to have own controls.
    Also i don't like to use windows callbacks and all the burdens of windows controls.

    And to have some more overview about the whole TBGL-UI-project i started to write the first utility as thinICE- an Inconvinient Coding-Expedient for thinBasic that will help me to code & debug my projects faster.

    Of course thinICE itself uses the TBGL-UI to display all data. Quite confusing, right?

    So all ...
  5. Unusual Russian Stamps for Sale

    Russian postal ticket is almost dedicated to the great Rulers and Patriots, Philosophers and Saints, Politicians and Statesmen, Writers and Poets, Discoveries and Inventions, Scientists and Artists, Engineers and doctors, Industrialists and Sportsman, Adventure and Explorers and all the aspects which makes India proud

    The value of Russian stamps for sale is continuously increasing. Whether you post a letter or parcel anything or post your greetings, Form ...
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