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  1. "National Security 2"

    In what percentage of the events in which "national security" is invoked, do you think the actual "security" involved, is that of keeping government officials out of jail?

    I swear, when a person hears the phrase, "national security", he should immediately think, "scam".

    Or, like in the game, Monopoly, there is the, "Get out of jail free.", card.

    To me, "national security", should be viewed as a, "Stay
  2. "National Security"

    In my previous post I mentioned what I called, the "magical phrase", "national security".

    If I remember correctly, during the investigation of John Kennedy's assassination (probably at least 40 years ago), there was a U.S. senator who said something like,

    "If Oswald acted alone, then why is so much of the information associated with the event, classified for the reason of national security?".

    And, if I remember correctly, in response,
  3. mistake

    My previous post appears (at least for me), three times.

    I guess it is because I started to post it twice, but then decided to edit it some more.

    So, both times, I clicked the "stop" button, and, continued editing it.

    Anyway, it was not my intention for it to appear more than once.

    If I am not mistaken, once you post a blog, you can no longer change it.

  4. The people must be controlled.

    There was a guy on our radio show tonight, Craig Hulet, I guess he is a security analyst.

    He basically said that sooner or later in almost any country, the citizens become the enemy of the government.

    It makes sense to me.

    As time passes, the government takes more and more power for itself.

    This means that, as time passes, government officials take more and more power for themselves (and by extension,
  5. Bilderberg 2012

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