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  1. A Psycho Society

    If you went back in time in the United States to 1993, and described to people how society would be in 2013, I bet 99% would call the deterioration impossible.

    And, my guess is that the result would be the same if someone came back to 2013, from 2023 (or maybe even from 201.

  2. I'm not a cultist, but you're going to jail!

    If you were born, raised, and lived happily in a cult, would you ever acknowledge, even to yourself, that "it", was a cult?

    It's only a cult for those at the bottom of it, right? - those at the top, feel, think, are convinced, things are just great, yes or no? - I guess you could use Scientology as an example to study.

    Absolutely, I can easily envisage the
  3. "the most creative thinker alive."

  4. Lounging on the Titanic

  5. Pigeon Shoots and Fox Hunts

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