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    Quote Originally Posted by danbaron
    Now I see what happened.

    If you put "8 )", but with no space between the "8" and the ")", you instead get the emoticon.

    Forgive me for saying so, but you sure talk a lot. Maybe you need a hobby, like writing thinBasic code. :-))
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    Now I see what happened.

    If you put "8 )", but with no space between the "8" and the ")", you instead get the emoticon.

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    Above, where the emoticon is, I was trying to put, "2018.".

    You can't edit a blog - why?, who knows?

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    why is that? US- most beautiful country in the world? don't make me laugh. It's the most criminal, autocratic high-handed and egomaniac one. And why? Because they still have a death-penalty. That makes the people not to realize the worth of life and that's why the US has the highest murder-rate done by firearms in the world. Do US-people really hate each other that much? Or is it just that they have the "freedom" to run into the next gun-store, buy the latest product and test it right on the pavement in front of the store?

    No beard-wearing in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan or Pakistan sitting US-hating mullah would have resources or power to pull such a thing on the so called "most powerful, worlds leading country". And especially not Ousama Bin Ladin. He's a good, poor guy - split in argument with his wealthy parents a long time ago (in the late 1980's) - not that evil bastards that the US-authorities want to make the world believe, I met him in Tehran a couple of years ago, he isn't even a hard-line muslim. He is still alive and he just left his house in Peshawar with a Kalashnikov in his hands to hunt rabbits in the mountains a few minutes ago.
    If you believe, he did 9/11 or he was killed by US-marines about one year ago then you fell for a huge fraud of those companies where you buy your gasoline...
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    I tried reading the article but lost interest when I got to the egoism part.
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    I think they got more than they bargained for with the opening ceremony.

    It must be the first time self-deprecating humour has been used in the Olympic proceedings (with Mr Bean). Paul McCartney even got the entire stadium singing "Hey Jude" towards the end.
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    I think we have to wait.

    Like for Oklahoma City, 7/7, and 9/11, if there is hidden dirt, I bet time will expose it.

    I will speculate one thing.

    My guess is the authorities made a huge deal out of something trivial, concerning his apartment.

    The authorities always try to scare the public and make the public think how lucky it is to have the authorities to protect it.

    My guess is there was nothing in his apartment which was sophisticated or could have done much damage - and if I'm right we may never find out - an inconvenient detail.

    It's a lot easier to purchase deadly technologies with a credit card, than it is to construct them yourself, right?

    Ted Kaczynski was an exception.

    And time may show that the premise of his manifesto was correct (But what public figure would ever credit him for his idea, if not his method of publicizing it?).

    Even the most determinedly pollyanna-ish, the most determinedly ignorant, are beginning to be forced to see that the industrial age may be a "box canyon" which humanity has walked far far into - there may be no escape, other than extinction, or retracing each step, the vast distance back to the entrance.

    And if humanity is forced to retreat, it won't be orderly or civilized, how many will die?

    The population of people is 7 billion now, and is expected to reach 9 billion, I think by 2050.

    Today, in 2012 we are already witnessing drastic effects of global warming.

    And, fresh water is running out --> check out India.

    Of course this incipient catastrophe will kill the poorest first.

    But, the richest, who are responsible for the situation, will pay the price too, only later.

    Ship of narcissistic herd idiots.

    (I still say, a herd of narcissists is much worse than a bunch of individual narcissists.)

    Ship of fools.

    And remember, what spawned the industrial age was unrestricted capitalism, the single-minded pursuit of profit.

    Where else did the kids working in the factories in England and America come from?

    That practice is over, right? - it just moved to Asia - but the profits still go to the same places as previously, yes or no?

    The human race was dyin' out.
    No one left to scream and shout.
    People walkin' on the moon.
    Smog will get you pretty soon..

    Jim Morrison, the Doors, 1970?, Ship of Fools

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    It's a combination of 2 factors: DerangedPersons x BulletSupply. Only the second factor can controlled.
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    The Vatican is supposed to be full of occult monuments and symbols. Very strange.
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