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  1. Michael Clease's Avatar
    I have the laptop off my brother which is an Acer not Toshiba as I thought, it is running XP pro with a Radeon 9000 IGP and 2.8Ghz CPU so not to bad for now.

    Now to set it up how I want...I might be some time...........
  2. Michael Clease's Avatar
    Thanks guys dont worry to much I had backed up already, this is also why I asked about NAS boxs a while back. I just need to convince the wife that I deserve a new laptop but shes not convinced I have been a good enough boy though .

    I do have a short term solution my brother has an old toshiba laptop lying around gathering dust and I might re-home it for him
  3. Petr Schreiber's Avatar
    Oh no, it makes me even more nervous I use notebook as my dev PC. After reading this I did backup immediately
  4. ErosOlmi's Avatar
    Damned hardware
  5. Michael Hartlef's Avatar
    Oh man,

    I feel with you and hope that you can get your datas of that harddrive and a nice new machine to work on.