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Michael's thoughts on thinBasic and game development.

In this little blog I try to share my thoughts and ideas about my thinBasic related projects. I hope you will like it and leave some comments.

  1. New forum, new activities.

    by , 06-11-2010 at 22:04 (Michael's thoughts on thinBasic and game development.)
    Hi folks,

    I just saw the new blog feature and said to myself... let's use it. I think bringing something new to our small community is always a good way to raise the level of motivation and other stuff. So what are the thinBasic related projects I want to work in the next weeks.

    First it is my TBAI module. I promised Petr that I would integrate Catmull Rom into the way you can follow th epath between two waypoints. I have already some code done for it but not that ...
    Tags: tbai, tbgl