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  1. justin045's Avatar
    Hi Petr & Eros

    I was reading help about date handling .

    And a click after a click.... I arrived on a bug report dated 27-01-2017, 20:50
    As I am curious, I tested it, using thinBasic
    It seems that thinBasic still don't like december 30 2016
    Uses "Console"
    Uses "dt"
    Dim date, time As String
    dim delta as long 
    for delta = 1 to %DT_SECONDS_IN_DAY+1000 step 3601
     PrintL DT_DateTimeAddSeconds(date,time,delta)
    Hopefully it is not 21 december 2012 end of the world fot Maya people.

    Best regards.

  2. ErosOlmi's Avatar
    I will do my best to keep this and next years exciting in thinBasic development!
    You are the best programming mate I could think of in all those years.
    Updated 28-02-2020 at 12:16 by ErosOlmi
  3. kryton9's Avatar
    Thanks Petr, that helps explain a lot of the new User Defined Type (UDT) system in thinBasic.
  4. kryton9's Avatar
    Hi Petr,

    I used git a couple years back but not since then. I have one question...
    If we fork the thinBasic project, will it go under the thinBasic section or under our own account?
    I never forked a project before, obviously. I don't want to mess up the thinBasic section on github

    Update: I just tried it and it forks it to your own account, so it is safe to do without feeling like you are going to mess up the thinBasic github site.
    Updated 03-05-2017 at 21:52 by kryton9
  5. Petr Schreiber's Avatar
    Syntax updated to reflect what is possible with thinBasic