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    Nice article, sure
    but I would never recommend a laptop for game-purposes and neither buy one.

    The hardware is much more expensive and does not deliver the performance of a desktop-pc at same price. And on a real pc one can play the whole night & following day without concerning battery charge. Also the sound and graphics; a hardcore-gamer needs explosions that wake up the neighbourhood and a screen as big as in cinema.
    Also concerning an upgrade: on pc just exchange a few parts to keep it up-to-date for a while. And on laptop? Parts are overprized, hard to find fitting to the current brand - and what if something breaks lose? What if the laptop is really finished, done, does not work any more? You toss away a screen, a keyboard, the power supply and buy all new...

    I think laptops are not made for gaming- however, they're not bad and might be serious, full functional working tools for home and a portable office for lots of people who need the data to work with always in reach or even for companies that cannot afford to rent an office- yes there are some real good reasons to use a laptop, but why would anyone buy some portable device for gaming?
    To brag with in front of her/his friends because they would never visit her/him at home?
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