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Cult of the Dancing Cow

Random ramblings from random thoughts strung together by a couple of loose threads.

  1. Why I Love thinBASIC

    I might have mentioned this before, but here's why I love thinBASIC, and why there's nothing else like it:

    • ReDim with Preserve
    • Linked Lists
    • Double-buffered and easy to use Canvas drawing
    • Callbacks
    • Ability to Create Nice GUIs
    • Talented community of developers and supporters
    • Extendable modules
    • Bundler thingy
    • #Include support

    And that right there sells it for me.
    Tags: love, thinbasic
  2. Differentiation

    Today I learned about Differentiation (finding derivatives) in my Pre-Calculus course.

    I'm not exactly sure what you use them for, but the book said they were originally created to find the speed of a moving object at a certain instant in time.

    Sounds kind of exciting. Maybe I can find a use for it in programming. That always helps me cement the math concepts I learn into my little head.

    Have you had to use differentiation in any programming projects? ...