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    Thanks Joseph
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    The key here is definately that you create a feature list at the beginning, and then stick to it. That is Version 1.0. Get this out, no matter what. If you can cut out more features, that is even better. Once you have 1.0 out, you will mostlikely work on an update with more motivation than working on an unreleased app with the same feature set.
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    That's good to know. I hadn't thought about it that way.

    I've finished just enough projects to keep me hooked...but when I look at all the years I've been programming, I have next to nothing to show for it, except for some silly games and a random program here and there. Oh well. I've learned a lot.

    Like you said, I have noticed that once you get the first 80% of a program, it just begins to suck more and more time out of you as you finish it...and that's where most of my programs left off at. 80% completed. It seems the more you work on a program, the more work needs to be done on it.
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    Definately you are not alone with this problem. A lot, and I mean A LOT, programmers don't finish projects. The problem is that you reach about 80% of an application/game very fast. The rest takes as long, maybe even longer to do and so people loose interest. But if you finsih a project, I can tell you that it feels great! So go for it.
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    Thanks Eros! I'll check that out!

    Petr: Wow! That's exactly the type of spline I was going to use! I had read everything about splines and decided I could give my users the option to smooth the polygons out with a catmull-rom spline since it runs through all the points - and sure enough, someone has something already. I'll definitely be looking at that. Thank you so much! And I can still do polygon operations on catmull-rom splines since they run through the same points - although the user may have to do some tweaking but I don't mind that trade off at all since bezier curves aren't even an option for me [yet].
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    Hi JosephE,

    you can get some already done Catmull Rom splines based on earliers Mike code here: Catmull Rom demo

    The Moby Dick game is very well done!

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    Yes, every thinbasic user has a blog. New community software opens a lot of new features we will introduce every now and than.

    Check your blog settings, you can personalize your blog layout and colors based on your personal feelings.