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Petr Schreiber
03-10-2008, 14:38

to make viewing of exported models in more easy way with more options, I have created 100% thinBasic powered model viewer.

It displays axes ( so no more excuses models for games are not Z aligned ;) ) and allows preview of alpha and blend states.

There is also some info displayed, along with model-specific advices.

There is my older ThinEdge model of Macchi MC 72 attached for you, so you can test viewer abilites right after download.


UPDATED 30-Jul-2009 - there was problem with callbacks, thanks Lydia for reporting it!

Michael Hartlef
03-10-2008, 14:41
Thanks man, that is a nice tool. Good job!

03-10-2008, 15:18
Great great great !!!!
What a callback + TBGL example!

Karma on the way.

In little time CallBacks power will be available to everyone (when thinBasic will be officially out).

03-10-2008, 15:21
Little glitch in "Load" button when dialog is resized.
I think trackbar is a little too high and it is over the button for few pixels.


Michael Hartlef
03-10-2008, 16:01
' --- Report textur nevali!, textury totiz prezivaji

I recomment to change this comment into english language. ;D

Petr Schreiber
03-10-2008, 16:07

I am sorry. Comment in Czech, and totally irrelevant for current code :-[
I will release new version once I will catch that button redraw problem ( I will add #MINVERSION as well ).


04-10-2008, 01:20
Another cool program Petr, you are back in form with 2 cool projects in one day, thanks!

Michael Clease
04-10-2008, 10:13
slight bug the textures have to be in the same directory as the program.

So I fixed it ;D

Petr Schreiber
04-10-2008, 11:10
I should open little Zoo with various types of bugs.

You are right Michael, I did not thought of this use, my fault, will be corrected in next release.


04-10-2008, 12:08
dear petr, hi all...

- thank you so much for the modeller viewer... I like it and I have used the old one some days before... and see it's very important for my buildings and models to have such an improved viewer! GREAT JOB ! :D

best regards, Lionhearts running hospital center... :)

04-10-2008, 12:52

dear petr...

...silly question perhaps

... it's necessary to change the script when I am loading my *.M15 files? I don't think so, isn't it?

... after loading some of my hovercraft.m15 objects with the new modelviewer, the script and window strike and I must close the modelviewer...

the old thinedge-viewer runs as well as I wish;) but I would like to use your new modelViewer, with a lot of new power and properties... :)

perhaps I have done an importing/loading mistake... with my hovercraft M15 file... ???

bye, lionheart

04-10-2008, 13:30

I have no words, Incredible. :D
Thanks Petr.


Petr Schreiber
04-10-2008, 14:36
Hi Frank,

no idea why it GPFed, does the new version attached to first post does the same?
On my PC there were no visible problems.


04-10-2008, 15:31
dear petr:)

a) can you (or somebody else...) do a short favour for me and test the attached M15 (dummy cube) file for me with your modelviewer?

b) can you send me another *.m15 object example from you I will check it with your viewer again...

c) perhaps I have some problems with thinbasic scripts on my pc... don't know... uaargh...

good afternoon with more sunshine and better weather... ;)

ciao, Lionheart

ps: may be I have got some error messages because of the pre release of thinbasic as it was some days before... so it's a personal problem with my pc machine... I must find the black hole... ;)

Petr Schreiber
04-10-2008, 19:59

no GPF with your model on my PC. It displays box and cone, in +/- red color.
I attach some models for you.


05-10-2008, 23:30
Hi petr, hi all:)

I have perhaps found the problem with viewing my models... I have saved the developer script again into my folder and named it new... ;)

- downloaded the new thinbasic pre-release and everything seems ok and wonderful... puh... I am happy... great respect for your new modelviewer again, very good stuff... :D

- some day we can even build a own "uv mapper" with thinbasic/tbgl, isn't it? ;)

good night, lionheart

Michael Hartlef
06-10-2008, 04:01
some day we can even build a own "uv mapper" with thinbasic/tbgl, isn't it?

It is possible allready.