View Full Version : PowerBasic Console compiler, why would I need it?

13-08-2008, 19:36
I have PowerBasic for Windows, any reason I would want the console compiler?

13-08-2008, 19:39
PowerBASIC Console Compiler is probably there for two reasons, to make text mode applications, and to allow to port PowerBASE DOS programs to the Windows platform quicker and easier.Also, PowerBASIC Console Compiler does CGI as well (not sure of PowerBASIC Windows does that, if not, then it might worth it for that too.

Other than that, if you're not a text application developer, I'm not sure there's any reason to purchase PowerBASIC console compiler. I would probably buy the Console Compiler, cause I love text programs ;)...hehe

13-08-2008, 20:13
I use PBCC for prototyping, see if it works code. Printing info to the screen is a lot easier that message boxes.
I also use TRACE a lot with PBWIN.


13-08-2008, 21:01
I think that console is thing to past ...
maby for servers apps or something similiar...

13-08-2008, 21:37
PB Console and PB Win are technologically the same compiler.
They differ solely for the set of keywords they implement natively: Console or User Interface.

Consider that:

you can develop applications that implements Console output with PB Win. Just use Windows API.
you can develop applications that implements User INterface with PB Console. Just use Windows API.

So why two compilers?
There are for sure marketing strategies but there are important technical aspects.

If you ever tried to develop a console application with a 32bit compiler just using MS SDK you would have written (as minimum) thousands of lines just to be sure that your code is compatible with the many OS Microsoft released so far. Every new OS has different implementations of the same API and some even behave differently.

The same is if you have PB Console and you want to develop pure MS SDK applications having Windows, controls and reacting to the many events every UI element can fire. You would have written hundreds of lines just to manage little UI aspects. Plus a Console window would in any case be opened automatically because you used PB Console (in this case there are utilities that change a byte in the EXE file in order to avoid this behave)

PB compilers simplify all this implementing a set of dedicated keywords specific to the two kind of applications. Using PB keywords you will be sure that application will behave the same regardless the OS you are. And also a single keyword just implements many many lines of code otherwise you would write by yourself.

To me both compilers are valuable tools.
I would go 100% with PB Win. If I just need a console to output few debug string and avoid MSGBOX abuse use something like the attached code.
But if you need to develop CGI applications, command line tools using standard output, strong Console applications, than also have PB Console in your toolbox.

Attached a PB Win application implementing a sort debug output window in order to avoid MSGBOX output. Output window is implemented in a console window usind SDK API.


13-08-2008, 22:20
thanks to all, especially to ErosOlmi, think I will hold off buying the console compiler.