View Full Version : PowerBasic: 2nd post from Bob about objects

05-08-2008, 09:16
Ok we have got a second post from Bob about "Where are objects located?"

OMG, he likes to cook our brain and our patience at very slow fire ;D
I would like to spend my money for new PB compilers right now.

For those that followed Power Basic history, do you remember "Power Vivian" and how new PB compilers were introduced? He is repeating the same situation where all PBrs were at PB web site refreshed every 2 minutes the page to see if Power Vivian was telling something new. Tension will mount till you will not be able to resist to place you order. Bob is a professor on that ;D

Anyhow this new post can means a lot of things and all positive.
If 1/4 of my mental speculation about new PowerObjects will be reality it will be Christmas time in few weeks this year.

Michael Hartlef
05-08-2008, 09:36
Cool, I'm looking forward to it and have the cash allready sitting here.