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22-01-2008, 23:50
Do you remember how did you discover thinBasic? Please let us know.

I will update pool options list as soon as new reply to this post will come.

Thanks a lot

Michael Clease
23-01-2008, 00:05
Nehe website

23-01-2008, 00:37
Coding Monkeys Forum.

Michael Hartlef
23-01-2008, 09:26
Coding Monkeys Forum

Petr Schreiber
23-01-2008, 11:51
PB forum

23-01-2008, 11:54

I discovered thinBasic when searching for new BASIC programming language interpreters thru google search engine.


23-01-2008, 15:55
I think I've added all mentioned options.

23-01-2008, 17:20
I found out about thinbasic when Catventure talked about it on his web site. He said he was rewriting his adventure writing program in thinbasic I thought I'd check it out and have been using thinbasic ever since.


24-01-2008, 12:16
From a gamedesignnovice.com forum.

23-02-2008, 13:09
Power Basic forum

25-05-2008, 14:45

02-08-2008, 20:20
I found a reference in the PureBasic forum. I've been retired for about a year and been trying to find a Windows based programming language to relearn past skills. Did some programming, mostly Turbo Pascal, in MSDOS decaded ago, but have a lot to learn and relearn. So far after months of searching Thinbasic looks to be the best thing I've found so far. Hope to find some tutorials and help for this very rust ex-programmer :D

Most of my experiance is electronics hardware based, mostly in process control and monitoring using instrumentation hardware.

Nice product and forum, hope to learn a lot.


03-08-2008, 10:08
Ciao Lefty and welcome here.
Feel free to ask whatever you will need. We will do our best to support you in your using of thinBasic.


21-08-2008, 20:45
Like others, I found it during a web search for a Windows Basic that will help me set up a small home based SCADA system, purely for fun and learning.

I'm recently retired, spent 40 years in automation and electronics.

Completely a newbie at this language so I'm searching for a method to learn as quickly as possible.

Open to any helpfull sugeestions.

And by the way, like your site.


21-08-2008, 21:07
Hi johni, thanks for your post.

Regarding SCADA system I have no idea.
Please create another post (in order not to go out of topic in present one) and we will try to help you. thinBasic can do a lot of things but to help we need a precise point where to start.


25-08-2008, 15:28
I also found out about thinbasic from Catventure web site about his IF adventure writing program in thinbasic.

26-08-2008, 13:18
me it was search engines all the way. ;)...google...

26-08-2008, 23:46

03-09-2008, 01:11

same here


11-02-2012, 20:42
To Whom It May Concern; :) :D

I wish to congratulate Eros Olmi & others who have made thin BASIC a far more Superior IDE that out weights all others that Iíve tried over the years in my searching for such a programming tool for windows. As of this time Iíll continue to stick to thinBASIC for good! Anyhow Iím still learning as novice programmer. No matter how much one knows, thereís more to explore! Looking fore-ward to mingle with all my new programming friends, to help me in the right direction!

Richard West, from Holdrege, NE USA

12-02-2012, 12:24
some contemplations about my usage of thinbasic
for me it is an extremely rich language,
it has a huge number of functions to deal with strings, it has 80-bit extended-precision math usefull for astronomy calc,
it has canvas graphics which are persistent to the screen.,
and it has the opengl like module TBGL with a huge number of functions and methods in wich we may keep studying for years, and i am now studying the 3D modeling.
it has an inside compiler lurking as a secret weapon called oxygen module in which the professionals can use assembly code.
and the most important it is now stable, until now with the new version i havn't experienced a crash, also no stray thinbasic.exe in the memory when we exit or after an error.
dealing with files are great, when we use Uses "FILE"
then we can save something to a file without opening it first this is done internaly, such as:

Uses "file"
Dim myStr As String = "hello world"
FILE_Save("hello.txt", myStr)

it will creat hello.txt file and fill it with the string.

there are also many other merits and innovations which can fill many pages.

12-02-2012, 12:24
Thanks Richard.

And we will continue to improve the language and supporting tools.

12-02-2012, 12:33
Thanks zak.

Thanks a lot.

The fact you find all such options in the language is because we also use thinBasic (as programming language and tools) so we sometimes see what other wants just because we use it and not just develop it.
Plus the fact that many suggestions made here in forum as been developed. Suggestions that are stimulated by the usage of thinBasic. And we are always very open to listen to other ideas and possibly develop them.

And I cannot not give a great merit to the programming language we use to develop thinBasic and from which I was inspired: PowerBasic.
It is a great great compiler, stable, produce ultra fast optimized code and it is full of features too.


13-02-2012, 03:33
Power Basic forum

14-02-2012, 05:02
I had been using another BASIC variant with a little success. Nothing major in scope when it came to writing the code. Then it blew up when I started getting underway with my latest project. Something about a large matrix caused it to crash and I knew I needed to find something more robust.

A couple of years ago I had tried another variant of BASIC, but there were too many unknowns/questions that just didn't make me want to try it out. A search on Google turned up thinBasic and I'm glad I found it. Familiar enough to the days of old when I used Microsoft's BASIC PDS 7.1, but advanced to match the 21st century way of doing things.

Tonight I'm formulating the procedure(s) involved with working with 3601x3601 matrixes, sometimes four at a time. I feel confident that thinBasic will be up to the task. I just hope the programmer is!

As what's termed a "back-handed compliment" here in the States, I'm going to need to learn enough Visual Basic Express 2010 to interface with a .Net based .DLL file to retrieve some in-game data. I'll only try to learn what's required to accomplish that task. The rest of the programming that I will do will be based in thinBasic.

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Michael Hartlef
03-11-2018, 20:23
I think either the old IBasic forum or the Codingmonkeys forum, not sure. It has been sooooo long since that time.

03-11-2018, 20:38
For info http://www.codingmonkeys.com/ will be shut down 1 Jan 2019