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10-10-2007, 09:11

Power Basic has just released version 8.04 of their fantastic compiler. It is a free update.
There is nothing new other than now compiler is a real 32bit application! So far it was a 16bit compiler producing 32bit executables.

As you may know, 95% of thinBasic and thinBasic modules are developed under Power Basic compiler.
We have already recompiled the full thinBasic sources. Compile time is so faaaast. You even have time to understand if it has been compiled or not. thinBasic Core engine is more than 150000 lines now and it is compiled in less than 1 sec.

There seems to be some internal changes because UI module seems responding much better to events. I think PB removed some bottlenecks somewhere, maybe in DOEVENTS handling.

Anyhow, knowing a little now about Power Basic (I use it since 2001) new versions are always better and rock stable.


Michael Hartlef
10-10-2007, 15:05
Hey thanks for the news.

Now some silly people can't use that excuse anymore against PB that it was only 16bit. Great!

11-10-2007, 06:24
That is really great to hear of the speed of compiling getting even better Eros.
150000 lines now and it is compiled in less than 1 sec. That is really cool!