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17-05-2007, 23:15
Hi Guys, I was going through some older music I made in 2005 using the computer and my midi keyboard controller. This is after I sold my Roland Synth and moved to Florida. I usually just improvise based off an inspiration, it could be a mood or a sound I come across while tinkering. Anyways, I usually can only sort of remember what I did for short periods so my improvised pieces are pretty short.

I did a few tracks to get the different guitars sounds and drums. As you can hear it is played live just in tracks as it is not perfect, but has that edge to it being that way. Most of my recordings are this way, although I have done 2 composed pieces and those are totally different to work on.

Anyways this is grungy heavy metal song, I named it "liberation". Hope you enjoy it. I will upload a mellow piece a little later, that too could be used in the game somewhere.

18-05-2007, 00:05
Here is a short piece. Just picture a nice sunny Spring day and you are watching the light twinkle off of the water in a stream with the long grass along the water swaying lightly in the breeze. Well this introduction is as long as the song itself, it is a short one and can be used somewhere transitional and light.

18-05-2007, 00:25
The first One was a bit too 'Hard' for me. :D

But I really liked the Second one. :)

I suppose that must mean that I'm a fan of 'Easy-Listening' Music. :D

18-05-2007, 01:17
Thanks for listening and comment Matthew. I like all types of music, but lean toward heavier alternative usually.
The music I make is mostly mellow and I am trying to get more into game music. SO hopefully will have a wider range of offerings in the coming months that we can use for topdown3d.

Petr Schreiber
18-05-2007, 09:45
Hi Kent,

sounds good,
first song is quite hellish, second very peaceful...

I am looking forward to your next creations :)


18-05-2007, 20:55
Thanks Petr, glad you liked them. I hope to get back more into music soon. When we have the scene maker, it will be easier to picture a mood for the scene and then the music.

Michael Hartlef
19-05-2007, 10:39
I Kent, good job, especially as you mentioned that they were played life.

19-05-2007, 12:08
Thanks Mike. I hope to do more scored stuff for topdown and sound effects eventually to help out.

With Eros's Sapi module, we could make the computer speak text and then add all sorts of effects to make them sound different.
Fruity loops has the vocoder, I never really got that to work as well as my friend does. He can take his voice and make it sound like a female. It is amazing. I think he uses lots of effects to do it.