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17-05-2007, 18:20
Here is example nr. 4 of Irrlicht Tutorial that shows how to move and animate SceneNodes.
You can use mouse, arrows keys, keys W to move the sphere up and S to move sphere down.
Note that the bundle executable leaves all files on your disk so you can study the script.


17-05-2007, 18:30
Just a note.
Exploded files are hidden when exploded on disk so you need to have "show hidden system files" explorer flag set to on.
We will release Irrlicht latest module quite soon.

17-05-2007, 18:46
THanks, for the latest additions and demo!!

17-05-2007, 18:57
Good job! ;D
It seems that the progress on the new module is going well. Any chance to see shaders in the first version?

Petr Schreiber
17-05-2007, 20:09
Hi Roberto,

... you monster ! ;) This looks very promising!
The node architecture is quite interesting one, and especially great for interpreter I must admit.

It runs about 200FPS in both D3D and Ogl mode, on software at usable 37FPS.


18-05-2007, 17:09
For those like me that do not know anything about OpenGL and shaders ...

Maybe other info can help here ...

Petr Schreiber
18-05-2007, 17:38
Hi Eros,

geometry shaders work only on GeForce 8800 so I think they must not have highest priority yet.
Still interesting you don't need Vistas and their DX10 to do it, see here (http://www.icare3d.org/content/view/50/9/). GeForce 8800 has drivers for XPs too.

I must admit nVidia has nice documentation, please see shaders and explanations (http://developer.download.nvidia.com/shaderlibrary/webpages/shader_library.html).

ATi has it usable too, but not very frequently updated, please see here (http://ati.de/developer/indexsc.html).


Pixel shaders are for per pixel operations ( bumpmapping, paralax mapping ), vertex shaders for manipulating ( but not creating ) vertices and geometry shaders allow to create even new geometry.

There is quite wide range of syntax, different for DX and OGL ( uff ) from ASM like to C code looking ones.


18-05-2007, 20:52
I came across this last night in reading. Page 8-10 show that opengl can do a lot.

19-05-2007, 09:12
I find lots of sites with documentation for shaders, but I can't seem to find the download for it. I went to the opengl site and can't find it there either.

I can run an executeable demo that uses shaders. This one is really nice:
GLSLdemo Windows installer 3.08 Mb 25 Jan 2006

When I try to compile anything that uses glsl, I get the missing include file, which I can't find...
Cannot open include file: 'gl/glext.h'


19-05-2007, 09:20
I think I needed glext.h to compile some Glut Examples Once. :)

Petr Schreiber
19-05-2007, 10:09

glext.h is file which allows to access higher OpenGL via extension mechanism.
You first have to check if feature is supported, obtain its handle and call it using prototype.
I am not sure if it is possible in thinBASIC now, but I think it should not be hard to add.

It is done this way, becase it is only case where you can avoid "Missing export..." in case function is not found.

glext.h can be obained on card manufacturers websites ( customized for your card ) or more general on OpenGL web - here (http://www.opengl.org/registry/).


19-05-2007, 12:12
Thanks Petr, will try to sort it out later today. Need to sleep. Stayed up all night making a map for il2 1946, went to save got a waypoint error and couldn't find which unit it was after an hour of searching the map, it was covered with all sorts of stuff I put... it was hopeless so lost all that work.

Oh well, will save in increments tomorrow, learned my lesson the hard way again.

Petr Schreiber
19-05-2007, 14:24
I'm sorry to hear that.

My brother yesterday had similar accident - he is doing translation of Morrowind: Bloodmoon game to Czech and after installing network card Windows crashed in such a dirty way that format and reinstall was only solution.


19-05-2007, 20:35
Your Brother's Crash is a lot worse than what happened to me, sorry it happened to him like that, but now I realize I got off lightly. After sleep I am ready to work on the map again :)