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Michael Hartlef
04-04-2007, 22:21
Hi folks,

I think I found the basic shape for the mothership of the enemy and also made a simple anim that shows the mothership launching stinky bugs ;D (I love that name)
I know, space is not blue, it was more a movement test. :D

Have fun

Petr Schreiber
04-04-2007, 22:28
Hi Mike,

this is ... GREAT ! :)
I like it very much, I don't know what to say !

Stinky bugs ;D are ultimate ships, it is weird feeling to see how they are launched to fight... really good moment.

I have one idea to make your animating life harder ;) - I have seen in some war movies that pilots after taking off tried to "wave" ( joystick left-right-left-right... ) with wings for few times. It probably served to check functionality of flaps, it could add sensation of live beasts inside.


Michael Hartlef
04-04-2007, 22:38
The final scene will be something like this:

you see a space station...
some ship comming an going...
then the camera moves away from the station...
towards a planet....
the camera moves around the planet...
and there you see one or two motherships...
hiding behind the planet and waiting for the attack...
then you see stinky bugs launching...
heading towards the space station.

Petr Schreiber
04-04-2007, 22:43
Good scene Mike!,

I bet it will become your next perfect animation !
Maybe you could find handy following textures (http://www.oera.net/How2/TextureMaps.htm), which Matthew pointed out some time ago. I will use the same in game. They are quite hi-res, so good for CG rendering too.


Michael Hartlef
04-04-2007, 22:59
Yes, they are good. Thanks for the link!

05-04-2007, 05:44
Mike I love picture number 2 with the stinky bugs flying out. The scene you described sounds awesome!! Thanks for the great preview!!!

Petr Schreiber
05-04-2007, 07:31

This is also my favourite image ( "test.jpg" )


Michael Hartlef
07-04-2007, 21:51
Well guys, I think this will be my last post with content before I go away for 5 days on monday. This is a little more colored test also with particles for the engine streams. Mothership got a texture and some turets under the hull. Still, this is just a test, but I like it and wanted to show it to you.

Take care

08-04-2007, 02:47
Mike, that is really nice, what a nice going away present from you. Hope you have a nice vacation and recharge the creative batteries!!

The mothership textured looks really great with the attack ships coming out too. Thanks for this inspiring movie!!

Michael Hartlef
08-04-2007, 08:34
Thanks Kent, I will try to load up my batteries. This is the place we will go to:


Petr Schreiber
08-04-2007, 14:09
Hi Mike !,

have a nice holiday and BIG thanks for latest movies.
It looks really good!

Just one thing - second ship seems to "flicker", it looks as when two models are in one or some similar problem.

Thanks and have a nice time !,

Michael Hartlef
08-04-2007, 18:11
Thanks guys,

yes Petr, you are right. But as it was just a test, I didn't bother to fix it.

08-04-2007, 21:45
Mike, I recharged my batteries by looking at your hotel's website. Wow, a really great looking get away for sure. The scenery looks wonderful, enjoy!!!

Michael Hartlef
08-04-2007, 21:59
Thanks, I will. See you all in 5 days. :)

Petr Schreiber
17-04-2007, 09:08
I know you mentioned it,

but today I recognized where are the turrets, stinky bug took my attention beffore too much.
Nice detail !