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16-03-2007, 02:40

thanks a lot for this nice addition.
I will document them all for next release.

I made some test with a bad gamepad. All seems working fine but I cannot test effects. I will have a new joystick for the weekend.
I also executed the script without any pad and it make a GPF in TBDI module when it encounter the first TBDI_JoyLoadEffect function at line:

myEffect = TBDI_JoyLoadEffect(App_sourcepath+"effects\dirt3.ffe")

With a pad inserted no GPF.


Michael Hartlef
16-03-2007, 07:43
Thanks Eros, will check that tonight when I'm back from work.

Michael Hartlef
16-03-2007, 17:17
Fixed and will upload a new version in a second. ;)