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Michael Hartlef
14-03-2007, 08:29
Hi folks,

to be able to share media stuff on the development level, I would like to know which commercial and freeware tools you have:

So here is mine again:


FLStudio 7 Producer Edition
Samplitude 8 SE

3D Graphics-Commercial:

Carrara 5.1 Pro
Hexagon 2.1
Silo 1.41 and 2
ZBrush 2
TrueSpace 6.6
Animation:Master 2003
Ultimate Unwrap 3D
Mimic 3 Pro
Poser 5
Poser 6

2D Graphics-Commercial:

Photoshop 6
Photoimpact 10
SnagIT 8.2
Corel Painter Essentials 2
Corel Draw Suite 10

Besides these commercial tools I know how to use a little these freeware tools:

Open Office

14-03-2007, 10:33
Mike here is some of my stuff that comes to mind:

FruityLoops Studio 5
Cubase SX
I have cakewalk too, but don't use it anymore.
Creative EMU XBoard controller and apps that came with it
Bunch of softsynth plugins, but few are installed as am not really setup for music at the moment.
Will be in a couple of months.
I have many more apps, but on cd's in the closet. They are now pretty old when I think about it.
So who knows if I will ever install them, but like to keep them for memories.
Samplitude sounds familiar, not sure if I had that, but it sure sounds like something I had a while ago.

I have a very old Truespace, but they had 3.2 for Free and that was newer than the one I had bought.
So I could use that too. But I think Blender and Wings3d I can do most of what I want.
XSI has a free tool http://www.softimage.com/downloads/XSI_Mod_Tool_4.2/default.aspx, that I thought, if I find Blender limiting me, I can try that. But I haven't felt the need yet.
On another note, I was previewing my DVD course, they will cover how to write an importer in c++ for the FBX format.
If and when I get to that point, that can be a very powerful importer as it will support, bones, lights animations and the like.
I know lightwave but more 3dMax, both I don't own, just got the chance to borrow them from a friend who works for a tv station in Ohio when I lived up there. I just mailed 3dMax back to him a little while ago. I don't how many times I almost ordered gamespace, but then I read about problems with this or that by users on forums and shy away. XSI is affordable and of course Maya has a PLE version which I guess for making game content is fine. I have some video courses about learning Maya, but never really studied it other than just feeling out the interface. The watermark, understandable, is annoying and so stopped playing with it.

I own Painter and Their 3d program, forgot its name, oh I think Ray Dream Designer. I have an older poser too. I think 3. It crashes on my computer so not installed. Haven't used Ray Dream Designer for eons. Truespace, then lightwave and then 3dsMax where my path. With dabbling with Anim8or, Wings3D, Deleb3D.

2D graphics, I am using The Gimp primarily lately. I have Adobe ImageReady which is basicaly photoshop. I really don't know what the difference between the two is that is how similar they are.

I ran across InkScape, but don't have a need for it yet.
I have OpenOffice, but don't use it.
Audacity, yet to try, but have been meaning to since many podcasters seem to use it and are happy with it.

I have Flash 4mx but haven't used it for a long time. I have been looking at openLaszlo that Eros pointed out. But haven't done anything with it.

I know I am forgetting a zillion things, but probably because I haven't used them for so long.

Petr Schreiber
15-03-2007, 21:35
Hi guys,

I missed this is question :) So here is my arsenal:

3D Editors ( not counting thinEdge ;D ):

Wings 3D

2D Editors

Expression 3
Micrographics Picture Publisher 8 ( surprisingly great piece of software! )
Painter ( came with tablet )


Pinnacle Studio 8
PowerDirector 9 (?)

Music and sound

Creative WaveStudio