View Full Version : Intro music

Michael Hartlef
04-03-2007, 12:50
Here is a firs try for an intro theme. It's a,little big so I try to make it smaller next time.

Petr Schreiber
04-03-2007, 13:17

this is very nice !

Maybe it could be base for "TopDown" theme, which would be present for awhile in all TopDown songs in some way. Really nice !


04-03-2007, 14:40
Mike, you are amazing us this weekend. Great banner, soundfx and now music. Thanks, very exciting to hear and see all this new fine material. I like them all very much!! Thanks!!!

Michael Hartlef
22-03-2007, 13:40
Well, I think that could be the final version of the intro theme. So I cna go on with the next music part.

Petr Schreiber
22-03-2007, 19:41
Hi Mike,

thanks you a lot.
I think your music composing skills are very good, and especially for a game music!
It is quite easy to remember and to associate with game.


22-03-2007, 20:30
Very nice Mike, your music is really adding a lot to the game, it makes it complete!!

Michael Hartlef
23-03-2007, 09:23
Thanks guys, your comments are motivating. :)