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Petr Schreiber
24-02-2007, 17:22
Latest software downloads related to M15

Here you can find latest versions of m15 related programs and scripts.

Command line oriented viewer of m15 models. UPDATED 06-01-2008

Perfect Blender plugin for converting models to m15 (includes the viewer) UPDATED 13-09-2009 ( please extract the viewer at the scripts location to view models from within Blender)

11-08-2007, 20:03
Thanks Petr!!

Michael Hartlef
10-09-2009, 22:20
Petr emailed me today that he thinks that Blender's OBJ export script is now good enough and that there would be no need for the M15 export script anymore.
So I suggest that you rather use Petr's OBJ2M15 exporter and not my plugin anymore. Thank you guys for the support you showed while it was good enough. :eusaclap:

Petr Schreiber
10-09-2009, 22:27
Hey hey hey :),

I said:

So maybe the M15 export script won't be necessary, even normals come out nicely. I will make more tests.

I still recommend Mikes exporter for M15 models (without normals).

So far the Blender 2.49 OBJ export really looks okay, but I still need to enhance OBJ to M15 with comfort Mikes exporter provides.