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15-10-2018, 22:20
Starting from thinBasic thinAir editor has the possibility to configure text themes in order to adapt the editor to the personal visual feelings.

How to change thinAir theme
thinAir themes can be changes using right click on any thinAir editor window and then "Themes..." menu


What are thinAir themes
thinAir themes are special XML files with specific properties set.
Theme files are stored inside \thinBasic\thinAir\Themes\

thinAir themes examples
thinAir comes with some pre-configured themes like:

[*=1]Default (is the basic theme from all others are derived)
[*=1]Default DOS
[*=1]Monokay Blue
[*=1]vim Dark Blue
[*=1]vim Zenburn

How to create new themes
Copy a pre-configured theme file into a new one. Make relevant changes. See results.
If you will read XML theme file you will see that all options are derived from default theme.
It means that all options not set in your theme will be taken from default theme.

Some example

Share your themes

If you like ... use this forum to share your themes with others.

26-11-2018, 19:12
Share your themes

If you like ... use this forum to share your themes with others.

For fun, this is Phosphor theme : 9911


Petr Schreiber
06-12-2018, 20:43

that looks cool :o


07-12-2018, 15:19

that looks cool :o


I think it is too :D
However, the downside is the look with CodeTips for I can't customize the colors.

03-04-2020, 03:34
I made a few themes over the time. All of them are focused on readability,
all of them use mainly monospaced fonts. Most are mixed fonts and all fonts are free for personal use.

Because of the fonts these themes come with some installer. A tiny thinBasic-script that will take care of moving the ressources to the locations where they are supposed to be.

After download of themes that you like you should download also the ThemePackSetup.tBasic-utility.
It will install your chosen theme(s) including the required fonts directly from the packages. There's no need to unzip nor to drag files to any other location. All will be done by the ThemePackSetup-script if you double-click on it within your downloads-folder while the zipped themepacks are in the same folder.

It will create a fonts-subdir within the thinAir-themes-folder and will copy everything of the ThemePacks that you downloaded where it's needed. If you like some of the fonts to be available systemwide on your pc, it's up to you to drag them into the Windows\Fonts-Folder.

So this is the Installer-utility for .theme.zip-packages: it will setup all it finds at once.
You still will need to right-click into thinAir-coding area and select a new theme.

03-04-2020, 03:38
High readability in a bright theme. Use the ThemePackSetup.tBasic to install directly from the zipped package.

03-04-2020, 03:43
Another High Contrast theme on a dark green background
Use the ThemePackSetup.tBasic-utility to install everything directly from zipped themepack.

03-04-2020, 03:52
Another high contrast theme on a very dark background.
Very clear and pleases the eyes. If too small you can always use the mousewheel while holding CTRL-Key and pointing into the codewindow of thinAir. It zooms - i guess - up to infinite magnification.

Use the ThemePackSetup.tBasic-script to setup eveything instantly from the zipped themepack

03-04-2020, 04:00
This theme is bit dark yellow - which is not really dark but lets say medium bright. Focused on clear readable code it will help to relax your eyes looking onto it - while your mind can be undisturbed and highly active without any headache caused by insufficient screen settings.

Use the ThemePackSetup-Utilitity to install everything directly from zipped archive.

04-04-2020, 21:27
Wow René.
Thanks so much.

11-04-2020, 11:10
I've discovered the new settings that were enabled when was introduced and i made use of it:

Also a bit dark, the theme reminds of icing on rivers in the winter.
Smokey, dark green gray makes if appear foggy and cold as if the
warm waters of a river will do when it's very cold outside. But
there are a few spots that bring warm orangered and shine as
if you could warm up your frozen hands above a fire.
Together with a mixture of some Super-clear-type-fonts
(even a good known that everyone has already installed)
make it a pleasure to read the own code and it will reveal
instantly not matching keywords and errors since your mind
can think concentrated to the maximum possible when nothing
in front of you disturbs the view onto your current piece of
code and it will become one of the best pieces of code
that you ever wrote. Promise!

Use the theme-pack-setup and start it right next to the package it will take care of putting everythin in place.
If you like and want to keep it eitther right click the fonts and let windows install them one by one or drag them altogether from thinAir\themes\fonts into lWindows\Fonts.

I guess you will ;)

23-02-2024, 11:53
How do you choose or create thinAir themes to enhance your coding experience, and do you have any specific preferences or tips to share?