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29-07-2012, 10:15
I had been using code blocks with the mingw compiler, mainly for its size and portability. You could just install it and then put the code blocks folder on any device and take it with you. But I ran into an issue when trying to do some GDI+ coding. In reading, I guess there are problems with the GDI and mingw32, not all things work.

So I decided to dig out my old Visual Studio 6 and install that at least it is considered very small compared to today's visual studios. Low and behold to my surprise. It too can be copied from device to device. So you can have a portable visual studio to go. You do need to launch visual studio first and then load your projects that way, but that is a very minor inconvenience. So if you are doing MFC or winapi programming, have VS 6, which is I think around 14 to 15 years old now, wow time flies... you can have a nice portable IDE.

Here is a screenshot of how I have mine setup.