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21-11-2011, 22:07
I will check another approach to create a test-dialog with an own control. my first post I've deleted.

23-11-2011, 12:31
I have an idea to create an own "control", but how to translate or parse this one to thinbasic is still a problem, but I will find a way to manage after having done some experiments ;)

fundialog test example:

' Empty GUI script created on 11-21-2011, 11-22-2011 11:07.13, 16:58:26 by largo_winch (ThinAIR)

Module "myfundialog2"
Uses "console"

%btn = 1001

Dim res As Long
Dim abc, test As Long, hDlgs as long
DIM lstyle as long, lexstyle as long
Dim strx as string

PrintL "test myfundialog"

PrintL "test"

test = MsgBox 0, "fundialog: " + fundialog("simple test dialog",10,10,300,400)

ButtonControl(hDlgs, 100, "testME", 50,50,120,40,100)

PrintL "waitkey"


this example works for an own "dialog" with having new title and size for dialog window frame. "fundialog2.dll" I include in zip file too.

I will explore more about this topic, even there is no feedback or interest for that, but I can imagine why there isn't big interests ;)

bye largo

23-11-2011, 12:35
next one. this could be the idea of a background to create a control. the "control" must be defined with own function and "add" and "button" function separately too. I will see if there's a change to make it as a chapter for learning about module handling and parsing. it's not very important to get feedback anymore here for this topic, as there wasn't any answer about this interesting stuff ;)

' Empty GUI script created on 11-23-2011 11:07:42 by (ThinAIR)

Uses "console", "UI"

Function TBMain () As Long
Local hDlg As Long
Local mystyle As Long
Local mytest As Long
Local strx As String

strx = "my push Button!"
mytest = pushButton(hDlg,100,100,250,350,strx, mystyle)

End Function

Sub PushButton( ByVal cid As Long, _
ByVal x As Long, _
ByVal y As Long, _
ByVal cx As Long, _
ByVal cy As Long, _
ByRef caption As String, _
ByVal styles As Long )
styles = 0
MsgBox 0, "test my pushbutton"

'Controls( cid, x, y, cx, cy, caption, 0, "BUTTON", _
' %BS_PUSHBUTTON Or styles )
End Sub

after that it may be possible to create command something like "newControl" with fictive (pseudo code) code :

parent AS CONTROL, _
text AS STRING, _
left AS INTEGER, _
width AS INTEGER, _
height AS INTEGER _



1) Controls are basic building blocks of a windows application.

CreateWindow(TEXT("STATIC"), lyrics,
20, 20, 300, 230,
hwnd, (HMENU) 1, NULL, NULL)

Here we create the static control. We display text. It is aligned to the left.

2) Static control:

A button is a simple control. It has a text label. It is used to trigger an action.

bye, largo

23-11-2011, 16:04
Hi Largo
have you seen the Eros post and example thinBasic_FreePascalExample.zip‎ here:
about making modules in freepascal/Lazarus/delphi
i think you are using powerbasic in making the dll.
i will use Lazarus to make something simple.


23-11-2011, 19:15
may be I have constructed a "control", thinbasic gives value "1" as return value, so that's good I am thinking.

' Empty GUI script created on 11-21-2011, 11-22-2011 11:07.13, 16:58:26 by largo_winch (ThinAIR)

Module "myfundialog2c"
Uses "console"

#INCLUDE "equates.inc"

%btn = 101

Dim res As Long
Dim abc, test As Long, hDlg As Long
Dim lstyle As Long, lexstyle As Long, myInst As Long
Dim strx As String, b As Long

PrintL "test myfundialog"

PrintL "test"

test = MsgBox 0, "fundialog: " + fundialog("simple test dialog",10,10,300,400)

abc = MsgBox 0, "myControl: " + myControl(0, "BUTTON","", lstyle, 40,40,60,24, _
hDlg,%IDBUTTON,myInst )

MsgBox 0, "control: " + Str$(abc) 'ok = "1"
PrintL "control: " + Str$(abc) 'ok = "1"

PrintL "waitkey"


I only have to pack the "control" and the dialog together to show the button on dialog example. that's perhaps the task for next days.

in this example I am only using "console" and "myfundialog2c", there's no "UI" to see

@zak, thanks for feedback and your link, no I didn't have a look at this topic yet, I don't know freepascal or lazarus. wish you good luck for building your own module and if eros has done a lot of important and basically work for embedding that into thinbasic, I am sure that this is a lot of fun for you to program your own example in future days.

bye, largo