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04-03-2011, 17:07
hello Johannes
thanks for the BigInt module, sure it takes a big effort to do such a huge project.
i suggest to add 4 or more examples , so Eros may include those to the thinbasic math folder examples , the examples can be with the same spirit like "examples for beginners".
it is an extra ordinary that a programming language have its own big integers math library,
i hope with time the library will be used by mathematicians and others once they know about it especialy in universities, since it is more straightforward than using gmp library.

04-03-2011, 17:28

Do you have any suggestions for the kind of examples you would want to see? The problem for me is that alsmost anything I have put in BigInt is "simple" for me.

What I could do is make example scripts for each of the chapters in my manual. They could function as a kind of hands-on tutorial. And now that I'm typing this that sounds like a good idea.

That will be something for the "to do" list though, along with the optimisations and extensions. I have to pack my bags in the next few days and have to make sure I don't forget my snorkel and beach towel.

04-03-2011, 21:21
Hi Johannes
i suggest a few specific examples like addition, square root, power N, logarithm ,Fibo, just a few specimens of the usage , so the new user can appreciate immediately that this is what this library can do in practice.
as an example i refer to a previous example i have posted for gmp library which was improved by Petr and enriched by Jack here:
calc_v.0.0.rar‎ , improved by Petr to calc_v0_2.tbasic‎ then enriched by Jack until we reach calc_v0_3 , it is still very limited and with a few functions so your Library will make a big difference

i have suprised that calc_v0_3.tbasic downloaded 85 times in about 2 years and this is good for such libraries.
indeed i am too ill or i will show in a more detail.